Spots of Bright, Spider Quilt, Plates and Stars Quilt

This post is in response to those who have asked for the pattern and details of the construction of the quilt, Spots of Bright. Some call this a spider quilt, I think of it as a plates and stars quilt.

black creek two 001

The pattern is a variation on the traditional four point star block seen below.

ethan's birthday 001

The basic block goes from centre to centre of four adjoining rectangular plates. I have placed my blocks on point.

black creek two 004

Each section of the basic block is constructed separately.

The Plates

Each plate uses six fabrics chosen to provide contrast in colour, intensity and pattern. The eight sections of a plate are cut from a pre-constructed strip 42 in. by 5.75 in. To construct this strip, cut strips from the width of the six bolts of fabric. The strips should range in width from one inch to 1.75 inches. I used strips of the following widths and sewed them together side by side in the following order:  1.75 – 1 – 1.25 – 1 – 1.5 – 1.75 . The 1.75 in. strips must be on the outside. Use 0.25 in. seam allowance and the finished strip should have a width of 5.75 in. and be 42 in. or more in length

I cut sixteen triangles from this strip. Eight with the triangle bases on one side and eight with the triangle bases on the other side of the constructed strip.

ethan' birthday 010


The strip will be somewhat unstable and the sides of the triangle are cut on the bias. I made templates ( 16 of them) from the pattern above from freezer paper. Don’t forget to add the seam allowance. The templates are then ironed onto the strip and serve as the cutting lines.  The templates can be removed and used over and over again.

Four Point Star

ethan' birthday 012

The central triangle is cut from light coloured fabric. Before seam allowances, it has a base of 2 1/16 in. and a height of 2 1/2 in.  The other triangle is cut from dark coloured fabric. Before seam allowances, it has a base of of 2 1/16 in and a height of 1 1/16 in. To construct the point, I sewed the two triangles together then added the two side strips. Rather then pre-cutting the side strips, I cut a strip of medium coloured fabric 1.25 in. wide. After sewing the strip to the side of the larger triangle, I trimmed the strip as required and repeated this for the other side if the larger triangle.


Keep in mind that this is a four point star pattern. Unlike the traditional block, the star is now the receding part and the background of the traditional pattern is now the focus.

Start with a completed star section. Add a section from Plate A and a section from Plate B. ( See the basic block pic above.) Take the second star section and add a section from Plate B and Plate C.  Repeat as appropriate for the last two star sections.

We now have four right angled triangles. Take the two triangles that contain a section from Plate A. Sew these together placing the Plate A sections side by side. Repeat for the other two triangles placing the Plate C sections side by side.  Now finish the block by matching sections from Block B and matching sections from Block D.

For this quilt, one needs a design wall or a flour area large enough to lay out a large section of the quilts sections. I started in the centre of the quilts and added the blocks as I finished them.


About Bob Gutcher

I have always enjoyed crafts especially sewing and needle work. I could do basic knitting and crochet by age six. I have owned a sewing machine since age 22. My career as a teacher and education administrator limited the available time to devote to these hobbies, but upon retirement I purchased a sewing/embroidery machine and began on my quest to integrate embroidery into qulting. This blog is obout that quest as it unfolds.
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